Teenagers and Skimpy Outfits

Teenagers and Skimpy Outfits

Attractive is good, but not too much…

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to her school’s talent show, I observed that many of the teenagers ages 14 to 16 years wore rather skimpy-looking constumes. Though attractive and exciting, I found is rather unecessary. Their talents proved to be attractive enough, the costumes were just not appropriate for their age group.

At a young age, children and teenagers are normally bombarded with messages from people around them about the type of clothes that will get them attention and get them popular. Once in a shopping mall, I witnessed a twelve-year-old (approximately) girl once insisted her mother to buy a shirt which reveals her belly button. This, after seeing how popular her friend was after wearing one.

Not that theres anything wrong with teenagers and children wating to look more mature. Unfortunately, for many girls today, looking older and more mature means dressing up in body-revealing clothes and heavy make-up.

As for boys, many of my friends seem to like shirts or jackets that carry many crude, vile languaged words or obscene pictures. Such attire seems to make them feel mature and powerful.

Many people find it disturbing that how parents put their children into such display to attract crowds. Dressing without proper guidance give so many messages about their sexuality and self-esteem. Often their clothes they wear are not tolerated by other parents and teachers. In our eyes, the outfits makes them look odd, sexy an scary at the same time.

In most cases, other than to look sexy and attract crowds, teenagers dress themselves in these clothings to emulate their “idols”. Such idols are Lindsay Lohan, Hannah Montana, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox and more.

If you’re a parent who wants your child to dress like this, try reconsidering your child as a whole person. Your child is more than what she puts on, she can enhance her self-esteem in a less disturbing way. Lastly I make a conclusion: Attractiveness is good, but not too much of it.

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cutedrishti8, posted this comment on Oct 15th, 2009

nice post

Petalm, posted this comment on Oct 16th, 2009

Yes, I have teenage kids too!

TheOldPoet, posted this comment on Oct 16th, 2009

Do they dress this way? (:

taira, posted this comment on Oct 17th, 2009

I like your article. I agree with you, we parents should pay more attention to this problem or situation.

ahmad joko setyawan, posted this comment on Oct 21st, 2009

Excellent article, touching on a subject that is not often enough written about!I completely agree with you,parents should pay attention to what their kids are wearing and try boosting their self esttem in other ways! Since I have moved to the U.K I have felt rather disgusted at the way kids dress here and I am not just talking about teenagers I am talking from the age of 8 onwards, with little mini skirts and revealing tops,I mean common give your child a sense of self respect and dignity!I do have a daughter who has only just wanted to start wearinf tank tops,she is seventeen this year so I admit I am very proud of her as she has self respect. A very enjoyable read!!

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